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Hey! I'm maurice. Nice to meet you!

I'm living in Hamburg and here I work as a frontend engineer. I develop tools and websites using JavaScript, PHP and Co. I'm a big Git-fan and like working with GruntJs. Whenever possible, I try to automate processes. Sounds good? Visit my blog or my references.


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From my Blog

GitLab Webhooks

Automate you deployprocesses easily using webhooks. Setup how your code should be deployed for multi environments, using a simple JSON configuration file.
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The Bash

If you work a lot in the BaSh, you will appreciate the ability to create own preferences and shortcuts. Those will make the terminal an even more powerfull tool.
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Bilinguales Kirby

If you are using Kirby as CMS, you have a tool to build multilanguage websites. With some snippets you can prevent failures and unsightly side effects.
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This is what I'm working on

klassik tanken


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